Meet the Ninjaneers


Aaron D. Crenshaw

Aaron D. Crenshaw is a man of many tastes, as long as all of it tastes a little like a formula—but not baby formula though he’s had plenty of experience with that after 4 kids! Passionate about math, science, technology, and definitely engineering, Aaron certainly earned his Ninjaneer nickname with a black belt in Geekiness. He balances the equation with running, basketball, walking with his wife, and mountain biking.

  • Ninjaneer Name: Human Calculator
  • Favorite Quote: “Absorb what is useful, reject what is useless, add what is your own” ~Bruce Lee
  • Guilty Pleasure: Large bowl of ice cream before bed
  • Dork Alert: Likes polka and owns a hardcover edition of “A History of Pi” by Peter Beckmann