Meet the Ninjaneers


Wesley Hicks

After six years and two Co-ops at Tennessee Tech, Wesley A. Hicks finally beat college in 2005. He is a born winner. Mike and Billy quickly recognized this rising star and hired Wesley to be the Director of Awesomeness at FMA. The title was dissolved soon after, so now Wes works on construction sites as a site rep and designs projects at his desk. Most of his work has been nominated for the Nobel Prize in Engineering, but Wes always declines this and other notable awards so that he can stay “under the radar.”

Wes’s most amazing feats to date were his marriage to a feisty Northerner named Bethany and the birth of their daughter Lydia, also known as “Nuggs.” Don’t ask. The family also includes two worthless dogs—a Jack Russell Terrier by the name of Admiral Oliver Clothesoff and a Golden Retriever named Bindi, recognizable by her “Mexican Lion” hairstyle. On the weekends when his family locks him out of the house, Wes will tear up the woods with his dirtbike or go for a ride in Gutterball, his beloved LandCruiser.

He is also an avid supermoto rider and firearm enthusiast, though after The Incident he rarely combines the two.

  • Ninjaneer Name: LaZer Blade
  • Favorite Quote: “You can’t spell aWESome without Wes.” ~ Wes Hicks
  • Guilty Pleasure: Jumping rental cars
  • Dork Alert: Dunking a basketball using only his feet while wearing steel toed work boots