What is a Ninjaneer?

You may be asking yourself, “What is a ninjaneer?”

At Fulghum, MacIndoe & Associates, a ninjaneer is an engineer who goes above and beyond the call of duty to fulfill the civil engineering firm’s Core Values like “Master Your Craft,” “Have Fun” and “No Drama.”

Here on our blog, we’re posting videos of FMA ninjaneers discussing their experiences of those values and the day-to-day adventures.

Being a ninjaneer also means, as Addie Kirkham puts it, “Not knowing when my boss is going to give me a headlock.”

What does being a ninjaneer mean to you?

Master Your Craft

As everyone at Fulghum MacIndoe knows, you must master your craft to be the best #ninjaneer on the block, out in the field and inside the dojo. And we’re not talking mac ‘n’ cheese.

FMA co-founder Billy Fulghum (a.k.a. Billy Bourne) talks about why “Master Your Craft” is the No. 1 core value at this unique engineering firm.

What Makes FMA Special?

We asked our crack team of ninjaneers what makes Knoxville civil engineering firm Fulghum MacIndoe & Associates stand out from the rest. In this video—the first in a series we’re excited to share with you over the next few weeks—Aarron Gray, Mike MacIndoe, Addie Kirkham and Brian Mahoney talk about what it’s like to work at FMA.