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Singing Stars

Engineering isn’t always about building things that you can see. In this case, it’s about taking something you can hear and using it to learn information that might not have been known before.

In the case of this video, scientists are turning light signals from distant stars into sound. By analyzing the sound quality, they can determine the star’s surface gravity as well as figure out which stage it is at in its evolution from dwarf to red giant.

Here at Fulghum MacIndoe, we believe in pushing ourselves to be better, to think bigger, to understand more than we did before. Engineering is powerful and we are excited to be working in this field, with so many other great folks doing amazing things!


On this day receiving a lot of attention for a supposed Maya prophecy calling for the end of the world, we salute this ancient civilization as an inspiration for our industry.

That’s right: the Maya were serious ninjaneers. Their number system included zero, which allowed them a deeper facility with geometric principles. Their incredibly advanced cities included plumbing, water pressure, a 600-foot suspension bridge and other marvels that predated such developments in Europe.

This article illuminates the Maya’s feats of engineering. We continue to be amazed by the Maya people and the mystery behind their disappearance, and we can’t help wondering what other lessons we can learn from them.


These amazing videos on call to mind the reasons many engineers are drawn to their craft in the first place: to make the invisible visible.

It’s a little like magic that, using charts, graphs and modern software, ninjaneers can craft maps out of systems—some of which aren’t visible to the naked eye.

You can watch the public transportation patterns of more than 40 cities on Sumus’ YouTube channel.